What Makes a Good Business Hotel?

Hotel industry may be divided into several segments based on the nature and purpose of travel. The travel may be for commercial purposes, meetings and conferences, or for leisure/personal holiday. For any type of travel, there is some standard maintained in a hotel. Some of them that are considered essential and important are comfortable beds and pillows, cleanliness, friendly staff, room service, silence, security, hot and cold water supply. For frequent travelers, it is very important that they get a comfortable hotel room so that they can feel relaxed.

There are lots of different things that distinguish a business hotel from other hotels. A business traveller would like to have the facilities listed below in a hotel room, which make it a great business hotel.

  1. Spacious Rooms with Twin Beds: Clean and fresh rooms give positive energy to travellers to work and at the same time enjoy their business trip.
  2. Study Lamp and Table for Work: Every room in business hotels should comprise of one table with study lamp and obviously an adjustable chair-desk that is big enough to spread out some papers and open a laptop.
  3. Wi-Fi Enabled Rooms and Areas: Wi-Fi should be free to give the travellers full Internet access. Even small luxury hotels have free Wi-Fi connection or are included in the room fare. Business hotels should keep their Internet systems up to date. Smooth speed is required for things like Skype and video conferencing throughout the day and night.
  4. In-hotel Self-Service Laundry: Travelers who have come for business meetings will like to get their formals touched up and pressed. Good hotels should have the facility of in-hotel laundry service.
  5. Conference Rooms and Proper Meeting Areas: Good business hotels should have large, spacious and well-maintained halls. There should be proper arrangements for snacks during meetings.
  6. Accessible Power Outlets: For charging mobile, cameras and laptops, proper arrangement should be there in rooms and halls. The power outlets should be accessible and constructed at easy reach of hands. In this modern electronic world, nothing can be done without electronic gadgets. So, it is necessary to keep them charged and up to date. Power outlets should be there in meeting halls and conference rooms also.
  7. Business Centre: A decent business hotel should be having a business center with basic supplies such as staplers, tape, gums, hole punches and good quality, well maintained neat printers with copier and scanner that are fast and can print out clean pages.

Bangalore being the quite essential IT hub of the country hosts many great business hotels. People traveling from outside the country or outside the city can easily find one of the many good business hotels in Bangalore that are affordable and offer world class service. Similarly other business centers like Delhi and Mumbai are also known for their hospitality.

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