Top 5 Expectations of People from a Business Hotel in Metros

As a business traveler, people expect much more than a nice spacious room and delicious food. The expectations from a hotel differ a lot when you are going for a business trip and when you go for a leisure trip. One of the perfect examples of business destinations in India is Bangalore and hotels in Bangalore City, be it leisure or business hotels in Bangalore, are known for their hospitality and services. But what does a common business traveler expects from a business hotel?

Keeping in mind the intention and purpose of visit of travelers, the classification of hotels are done. Business hotel is one of the many categories of hotels that address the needs and requirements of people who plan business trip to other cities. The inflow of business travelers is high in metro cities because of the obvious reasons of growth and opportunities. While looking for accommodation during your business trip, business hotels can be the best option to ensure smooth completion of your task. Below are the top 5 expectations that people have from business hotels.

  1. Room Specifications: A room in business hotel must have a work space, table and chair with a charging point to charge laptops and tablets. There must be sufficient lighting in the room. Just fancy lights are not going to do any good. Acoustics should be in favor of working.
  2. Wi-Fi: Internet access is mandatory. Today all types of hotels provide Wi-Fi facility, but with business hotels it is not a choice. Rooms and even other common areas must be Wi-Fi enabled to facilitate the guests with uninterrupted work activities. Nowadays, almost everything and all communication happen over internet. A hotel without Wi-Fi facility is no way a business hotel.
  3. Conference Room/Meeting Room: A good business hotel will definitely have conference rooms equipped with projectors, writing boards and other essentials. Rather than looking for meeting spaces outside in the unknown city, people find it convenient to conduct meetings in the hotel board room.
  4. Travel Care: A business traveler is expected to do a lot of travelling in and around the city. So, they might need the help of hotel services to provide cab booking arrangements and private taxis for the same.
  5. Location: Finally, location plays a great part in choosing a hotel. The location of any business hotel must be proximal to business hubs and prime areas. A good location helps in saving lot of travel time and provides quick access. Business travelers are always on the move and with a time crunch. A feasible location would help in convenient accomplishment of work.

These are the bare minimum expectations from a business hotel. Apart from the above facilities, other expectations include café or bar, gym, restaurant, salon, and concierge services.

Business cum Leisure Experience in Bangalore Business hotels

There was a time when travelling was considered as a leisure or vacation planning only. But today, due to globalization and industrialization, the movement of people has drastically increased for work purpose. Tourism industry is now very much dependent on business travelers. Seeing this trend, business hotels are flourishing in the hospitality industry. The metro cities of India especially see a lot of business travelers every year. Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, and of course Bangalore are few places in India where there is a high demand for business hotels. Bangalore is considered as the IT hub and Silicon Valley of India. The city sees thousands of travelers every year. Not just domestic, but huge numbers of foreign travelers as well come to explore business and job opportunities in Bangalore.

There are number of hotels in Bangalore, starting from budget hotels to 3 star, 4star, 5star, and luxury hotels. You visit any location in Bangalore, and you will never find yourself out of options for selecting hotels. Unlike other metro cities where only few areas are developed in terms of facilities and infrastructure, Bangalore gives its tourists unlimited options without any location hindrance. Pick any area of the city and you will have ample choices for everything. Yes, the intensity might be high in the cream areas or what we call the Central Business District (CBD) areas. One of the locations in Bangalore is named as Electronic city, which is the office for almost all IT giants.  There are many business hotels in this location plus there are many others hotels in hosur road as well that are closeby to the IT hub of Electronic city.

People who travel for work-related assignments look for business hotels because of the suitability. Business hotels are meant to provide the right ambience for working people. Though today almost all big hotels provide what a business hotel does, still there is a difference in terms of the infrastructure, ambience, and few amenities. One of the main things that is mandatory to be present in business hotels is Wi-Fi enabled rooms; in fact, some hoteliers put their full facility under Wi-Fi zone to provide seamless and uninterrupted experience to their guests. A conference room or meeting room is obviously expected from a business hotel.

There are lot of other additional facilities and services that business hotels provide to their corporate guests. Bangalore hotels and their services are considered as benchmark in the whole industry. People who have stayed in any of the leisure or business hotels in Bangalore, irrespective of their stars or tariff, always say that Bangalore hoteliers go an extra step to pamper and serve their guests. Choosing hotels in Bangalore is rarely a disappointment, provided you do proper research for finalizing the one.

Bangalore Business Hotels Perfectly Suit Corporate Requirements

The hotel culture of Bangalore is talked about not only in India but also across the border. Bangalore has been given many names like Garden city of India. The city is also honored with the name Silicon Valley of India. It is said to be one of the fastest developing cities with a perfect blend of high tech infrastructure and treasure like heritage. Now, in such a beautiful cosmopolitan city, one can easily estimate the number of tourists landing every year, some for entertainment and others for opportunities. Since the place is a hub for all top IT companies; the scope and opportunities attract many people from around the world to explore their talent here. Work hard all day and party hard all night is the culture of Bangalore, which is famous for its nightlife. Well, these are certain facts about the city. In light of all the development activities happening in the capital city of Karnataka, the hotel industry is booming leaps and bounds.

The hoteliers in Bangalore leave no stone unturned in welcoming their guests and serving them to their best. Finding a suitable accommodation is a not a daunting task at all. You could easily book a hotel as per your requirement, budget, and preference. Business hotels are in high demand considering the type of travelers who visit Bangalore, mostly for business tours. The state of the art facilities and services of business hotels are something that the city boasts about. The business hotels are designed in an extremely corporate friendly structure with an intention to aid business travelers in their work.

From basic to all topnotch business hotels provide amenities like Wi-Fi, conference rooms for meetings, banquet halls for training sessions and seminars, and even business centers to facilitate the guests with proper work environment. Some of the amazing business hotels in Madivala, hosur road and electronic city are the examples of how these hotels strike balance between work and plaeasure. While you get tired with your work the whole day, they provide amenities that help to relax the guests like massage facilities, spa, café, bar, and restaurant with your favorite dishes on demand. Whether you want to conduct a large scale conference or small one-on-one meeting, the hotel staff takes care of all the requirements from the start till the end. Guests can even opt for video conferencing facility if required.

So, basically in all Bangalore business hotels like the hotels in koramangala, Hosur Road or Madivala, you just don’t get an infrastructure, but a team that helps you to ensure that you do your work without any hassles. This is the reason why hoteliers from other places refer to the hotel standards of Bangalore to improve their services.

4 Must-Have Travel Apps for Android

Smartphone and Android device usage continues to rise across the world and is helping in many ways. It is offering a range of conveniences for business travelers. Half of the phone subscriber’s own mobiles, which let them to access the web and android application usage will come up in near future.

This trend has ultimately fuelled development of many more mobile apps, helping on-the-go users. This is good news for both leisure and business travelers, who always find one or the other way to decide and determine to make their travel budget friendly, more efficient and easier.

There are many Android apps that help you to cut short travel expenditure and anxiety levels as well. These help you get cheap business class tickets, without needing you to struggle hard. The best Android travel applications can allow you to handle your business tour easily.

Some apps come pre-installed in the phone itself, while few need to be downloaded. You can find both free and paid travel apps and can download whatever best suits your travel needs. Whether you are in another nation, state or city, these apps can always make you feel that you’re in comfort zone.

Benefits of Travel Apps

Most of the booking websites have Android applications – be it Priceline, Hipmunk, Kayak, Travelocity, Expedia have all got apps. You can find these on Google Play store. Whether you’re an occasional traveler or tour frequently, having the right app on your android phone can give the best experience of the journey.

It offers you real-time flight details, weather of the state you’re travelling to, and maps of the airport and final destination. There are many features available on the airline apps in the android market.

Google Maps

The free map application can be downloaded at Google PlayStore; most phones come with this app and it is nearly impossible to see the world without it! From 3D rendering and excellent mapping to the powerful search, you can’t afford to miss this application. Google has come up with yet another smart app, called Google Translate, where you can type anything to get the translated version. The best features include text-to-speech, voice input, and conversion mode.

Flight Track

As the name suggests, this app tracks your air travel; the beautifully crafted application will display flight numbers, city details, arrival and departure times and dates. It will also show general flight paths, weather forecasts, delay info, and links to alternate flights. However, it isn’t available for free; the basic version costs about $5.

YP Local Search

YP Local Search app helps travelers to find gas stations, mechanics, hotels, restaurants, and movie theaters.  It will also display the reviews and ratings by other travelers, so that you can make informed decision. You can download this app from Google Play store.


Download this ad-supported app, following this link. Like Flight Track, it costs around $4. It arranges your itineraries better than you could ever do yourself. Available on tabs, smartphones, and laptops, it provides relevant information, compiling into an easy-to-understand trip.   

These are some of the best Android applications for providing travel assistance and planning your trips without breaking a sweat.

What Makes a Good Business Hotel?

Hotel industry may be divided into several segments based on the nature and purpose of travel. The travel may be for commercial purposes, meetings and conferences, or for leisure/personal holiday. For any type of travel, there is some standard maintained in a hotel. Some of them that are considered essential and important are comfortable beds and pillows, cleanliness, friendly staff, room service, silence, security, hot and cold water supply. For frequent travelers, it is very important that they get a comfortable hotel room so that they can feel relaxed.

There are lots of different things that distinguish a business hotel from other hotels. A business traveller would like to have the facilities listed below in a hotel room, which make it a great business hotel.

  1. Spacious Rooms with Twin Beds: Clean and fresh rooms give positive energy to travellers to work and at the same time enjoy their business trip.
  2. Study Lamp and Table for Work: Every room in business hotels should comprise of one table with study lamp and obviously an adjustable chair-desk that is big enough to spread out some papers and open a laptop.
  3. Wi-Fi Enabled Rooms and Areas: Wi-Fi should be free to give the travellers full Internet access. Even small luxury hotels have free Wi-Fi connection or are included in the room fare. Business hotels should keep their Internet systems up to date. Smooth speed is required for things like Skype and video conferencing throughout the day and night.
  4. In-hotel Self-Service Laundry: Travelers who have come for business meetings will like to get their formals touched up and pressed. Good hotels should have the facility of in-hotel laundry service.
  5. Conference Rooms and Proper Meeting Areas: Good business hotels should have large, spacious and well-maintained halls. There should be proper arrangements for snacks during meetings.
  6. Accessible Power Outlets: For charging mobile, cameras and laptops, proper arrangement should be there in rooms and halls. The power outlets should be accessible and constructed at easy reach of hands. In this modern electronic world, nothing can be done without electronic gadgets. So, it is necessary to keep them charged and up to date. Power outlets should be there in meeting halls and conference rooms also.
  7. Business Centre: A decent business hotel should be having a business center with basic supplies such as staplers, tape, gums, hole punches and good quality, well maintained neat printers with copier and scanner that are fast and can print out clean pages.

Bangalore being the quite essential IT hub of the country hosts many great business hotels. People traveling from outside the country or outside the city can easily find one of the many good business hotels in Bangalore that are affordable and offer world class service. Similarly other business centers like Delhi and Mumbai are also known for their hospitality.

Know How Smartphone Apps Can Be Convenient for Travellers

How Can Travellers Benefit From Some of the Latest Smartphone Apps?

There are several smartphone apps for travellers that come handy, and they are of great use before you leave and also when you are on the road. Almost all gadgets now come with apps, which directly or indirectly can be beneficial for you on your trip such as compass, alarm clock, calculator, weather and many more.

But, you can additionally increase the utility of your gadget by installing a few more apps like restaurant finders, currency converters, translators, landmark guides, news readers etc. Here is a list of few conveniences that these smartphone apps offer to the travellers –

  1. Maps and Navigation

The presence of GPS on most of the Smartphones is the real benefit for travellers. This app means that your phone can help you navigate even through unfamiliar locations with at most ease. And the best part is that Android apps like Google Maps don’t cost anything, it just strengthens the phone’s appeal and learning how to take advantage of these apps can help you use your phone’s functionalities to the fullest.

  1. All the Information That You Need Is Available at Your Finger Tips

Whether you are driving, flying or using public transport, smartphones are something worth having. With the help of few apps, you cannot just hire taxi or navigate your way or track mileage, but also book flight tickets. All you need to know is the reliable websites that can ease your job. Having the power at your fingertips feels great and these apps can suppress most of your travelling stress.

  1. Apps Save Money and Time

Smartphone apps have drastically reduced the cost of travelling and this is because travel service providers send information about all the deals and offers to their clients who are actively using their app. You can plan your whole trip by just going through the deals and promotions on your smart phones and also by helping you save some valuable time.

  1. Apps Keep You Connected

Until the invention of smartphones, being away or on holiday always meant out of touch where the connection was dependent on phone calls and messages. And, even if you had Wi-Fi enabled laptop, you could use it only if you had access to hotspot. A Smartphone not only lets you send messages and make calls, but it also supports several instant messaging apps. You can instantly send emails, use social networking sites, and do many other works with great ease with just a tap and swipe.

But, you must remember that many apps demand internet connectivity, but it is not that big a deal as most of the popular tourist destinations in the world do have Wi-Fi hotspots and even when you are roaming internationally, the charges won’t be that high. However, you must make it a point not to download/update too many apps on-the-move to avoid heavy data usage charges.

Top Five Live Music Venues in London

London is well-known for its music scene and venues. Irrespective of whatever kind of event it is, whether it is corporate conference, live music, simple get-together, or a seminar, venues in London suit perfectly for your requirements. Here are top 5 live music venues in London  that are worth taking a look.


Boisdale is one of the new venues in London playing the live music. It has gained reputation very quickly and is famous for live Jazz and other performances. Popularity of this particular venue has gone up due to convivial and comfortable surroundings, and top0class facilities. Restaurants at the venue have Scottish-themed menu, including Scottish smoked salmon and lavish Angus beef steak, with super collection of whiskies. Boisdale tops the list with top-notch amenities and stands as the best choice for people who want a great night out.

New Cross Inn

New Cross Inn is one of the greatest pub music venues in London. This particular venue has got very good reputation for hosting some of the best shows and also offers opportunities to few local bands to showcase their talent to public, and prove their worth. With small stage and friendly surroundings, fans can get very close to the musicians. Modest price also allows people to enjoy the live music venues without any concern about high expenses. New Cross inn is a musical gem in the chain of pubs present in London. There is an open mic on Tuesday nights and you can enter for free until 2am.


Nambucca on Holloway Road in London is one of the popular venues for new and upcoming bands to perform and gain good reputation. It was reopened in the year 2010 after being destroyed by a major fire in the year 2008. You can find gigs on every weekend or once in weekday. Other childish entertainments here include Street Fighter 2, Classic Pinball Table, Table Football, and Arcade Machine.

The Black Sheep

The Black Sheep is a brilliant live music venue in London that has won lots of accolades for its superior quality. It is located in Croydon and stages several indie and rock nights. It also hosts break dancing, hip hop, and other genres such as dubstep and techno heads. It is considered as one of the popular clubs for fans, with most of the nights free till 9:00 pm, and you can find open mic night every 3rd Saturday.

The Half Moon

The Half Moon is one of the favourites for London music lovers and still one of the longest running venues.  It has got a pub with more space for hangers and to enjoy the fine wine, food, and delightful company.

The venue has been hosting live events since 1963; apart from live music, it has got an outstanding jukebox for music lovers.

Other Venues to Consider

The Old Blue Last is considered as the coolest pub in the world. In the past, several eye-catching performances from Arctic Monkeys, Diplo, Young Knives, and Lightspeed Champion have been hosted here.

So, go ahead and have a blast at any of these venues, and enjoy great live music in UK.